CapTrue 1.1.0

CapTrue 1.1.0: CapTrue is a screen capture application which can capture video players windows purple rectangles on your screenshots made with Print Screen button? This is the place where video overlay is. Most of screen capturing software can`t deal with overlays. CapTrue can. Several output file formats. CapTrue can save your screenshot into BMP, PNG or JPG format. You can adjust quality settings for the latter format. The captured image can be copied into the Clipboard. Optionally you can also include the mouse cursor into resulting image

Bug Zappers 1.0: Two heroes stop alien bugs from destroying earth with their bug zapper helmets.
Bug Zappers 1.0

Bug Zappers is a game where giant alien bugs are trying to take over the earth. They are flying down to burrow into the ground so that they can lay eggs and create colonies to overcome the humans. Using their high-tech bug zapper helmets, two heroes must try to electrocute the giant insects as they fly down toward the earth. You must control both characters at once to zap the bugs as they come down from the top of the screen.

zapper, game, arcade

Do Yooh Lo 1.00: Go against 100 of the Red Toe Star Army Clan`s best fighters!
Do Yooh Lo 1.00

purple. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Target Sphere - If it`s purple (far away) you shoot shurikens, if it`s green (close) you`ll use your sword. Score - You`re given 15 points for every sword kill, shuriken kills are based on the distance of the kill. You lose points by being hit by enemies or by missing with shurikens. Kill 100 enemies to get your score! Good luck! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

fighting, battle, shooting, ninja, samurai, game shorts, mousetrap, action, martial arts, do yooh lo, arcade

The African Daisy Screensaver 1.1: Free screensaver containing 11 beautiful images of the African Daisy flower
The African Daisy Screensaver 1.1

purple. The hardy types usually show a dark blue center in the disc until the yellow pollen is shed. The ray florets are female and are found diverse colors such as white, cream, pink, purple, mauve to yellow. - wiki Screensaver Picture Count: 11 Screensaver Type: Slideshow Credit: All images in this screensaver fall under one of the following licenses: Creative Commons, Attribution ShareAlike 2.0, Attribution ShareAlike 2.5, public domain, GNU Free

screen saver, flower, screensaver, nature, free screensavers, free screensaver

Crimson Skies Screensaver 1.2: Crimson Skies is a breathtaking free screensaver of the most beautiful sunsets
Crimson Skies Screensaver 1.2

purples of sunrise and sunset. Rayleigh Scattering is scattering of shorter wavelength light (e.g. blue & violet) by air atoms and molecules (not statistical variations in density of the Earth`s atmosphere). The magnitude or strength of Rayleigh Scattering varies by the reciprocal of the wavelength raised to the fourth power, and hence does not explain the beautiful variations of reds, purples, oranges and peachy colours. - wiki Screensaver Picture

sunsets, screen saver, free screensaver, screensaver, free screensavers

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